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About Emilio Francisco – DRLC Founder

Emilio N. Francisco is the founder of the Debt Reduction Law Center, which operates under the Law Offices of Emilio Francisco & Associates, LLP. Mr. Francisco received his Juris Doctorate degree from Western State University in California and is a member of the California and the American Bar Associations as well as the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles.

Admitted to the Bar in the State of California in 1976, Emilio Francisco has extensive experience in both litigation and transactional law. This experience ranges from substantial automobile injury cases to complex finance, business, and property matters, helping him to establish a network of nationwide partnership and counsel of over 70 attorneys based in most of the fifty states.

He has filed several class action cases and successfully defended thousands of clients against industry giants such as GENERAL CHEMICAL INC., UNICAL76, CHEVRON OIL, SHELL OIL, and TEXACO. Past years have also seen him represent foreign governments in California, as well as other western states, through the Department of Higher Education with 4000 students under his supervision.

While Attorney Francisco has successfully represented thousands of clients in personal injury cases, his practice through the Debt Reduction Law Center is also dedicated to helping consumers resolve their financial issues by providing assistance as they file for bankruptcy or as they avoid bankruptcy through debt settlement and debt reduction.

Emilio Francisco has sat for many years on the Board of Directors of Uniglobe Aerospace, Inc., an international supplier of aircraft parts. He has also served as a president, officer, and director of numerous institutions and corporations.